Saturday, April 19, 2008

Help me pick a name!

Ok! I said this before, but I plan on opening a new shop. The new shop will have my screen printed items

and my handmade clothes.

I just can't decide on a name. I'd like to keep it similar to Glitterstar Designs.

Garb: –noun
1. a fashion or mode of dress, esp. of a distinctive, uniform kind: in the garb of a monk.
2. wearing apparel; clothes.
3. outward appearance or form.
–verb (used with object)
4. to dress; clothe.

Rage: 1.the object of widespread enthusiasm, as for being popular or fashionable:
all the rage, widely popular or in style
2. A burning desire; a passion.
3. A current, eagerly adopted fashion; a fad or craze: when torn jeans were all the rage

Duds: –plural noun Informal.
1. clothes, esp. a suit of clothes.
2. belongings in general.

You can help me by answering my poll. You can find the poll at the top right hand corner on this page. Thanks!!


Deabusamor said...

GlitterStitch is still my favorite.

Autonomous Artisans said...

Do you know that "Dud" means broken or a sub standard made item in the UK. For example "This new light bulb won't turn on, it must be a dud".

So maybe naming your company Duds wouldn't be such a good idea if you want to sell in the UK.

glitterstar said...

It means the same thing in the US.. I have taken this into consideration. Thanks though. :) said...

I love alliteration! GlitterGarb is easy to remember and encompasses the great variety of articles you'll have in your store.

Nice variety of work!

Hooray EcoEtsy!

rikrak said...

great items! i love garb! catchy!

Kitty said...

I agree with all of the above! GlitterGarb is my pick. Although I like the GlitterInk ones too.... good luck! :)

Xanthe said...

I like GlitterGarb


Carrie said...

This is a such a fun idea!

I am excited to see what you end up naming your new shop! It looks like you are going to have great products.