Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Featured Artist: RSSDesignsInFiber

Check out our new featured artist RSSDesignsInFiber! Read a little bit more about her below. Then click on her links and show her some love. Thanks!!!

What do you create?

I crochet and knit with either thread or yarn - some of the designs are by other people, some are my own designs.

What made you start?
I have liked doing crafts since I was a little girl - I guess you could say it was my urge to make things and have fun at it that made me start - it also helped that my mother was an artist and was teaching me some things when I was just a toddler.

How long have you been crafting/selling/creating?
I've been crafting since I was a little girl - don't remember exactly when I started. I've been creating and selling since the fall of 2002. I started selling some photography in the 1980's, but I don't classify that as crafting.

Do you have any short/long term goals?
Short term goals are to get as many projects as I can done and sold - I have designs and patterns all over my home and there are many of them I want to do - I try to relate what I am doing to the current season. Long-term goals are very general -- just to continue doing crafts and create more of my own designs.

Describe your craft room/area in three words or less.
crowded, semi-organized

Where do you sell your product? (online and offline)
both - offline privately only

Where can we find you on the net? (myspace, blog, etc.)
Photobucket public albums user name RSSwebphotos, eBay - user ID sparrow618(noting currently listed on eBay, but still have eBay About Me page), etsy - RSSDesignsInFiber and RSSCrochetThreadPlus, blogspot-RSSDesignsInFiber

Is crafting your full time job?
No - I don't really do anything full time (not really working)

What inspires you?
Nature, graphic images, American Indian designs, other cultural designs, things that matter to me

Any crafts you would like to learn or are currently learning?

What is your favorite material(s)?
DMC threads (all kinds), Yarn - Peaches & Creme Cotton Worsted/Acrylic, Wool and Wool Blends -various types and thicknesses

Are you a self taught crafter or have you taken some classes?

Apples or oranges?

What do you listen to when you are crafting?
nothing or music or a movie

Are you a night owl?

Do you have any other hobbies?
yes - photography - outdoor available light landscapes, environmental

How many people live in your home town/current town?
not sure - several thousand maybe

Read anything good lately?
the last really good things I finished reading was the Emma Harte series by Barbara Taylor Bradford, The Dead Sea Scrolls in English by Geza Vermes - and I regularly re-read "A Sand County Almanac" by Aldo Leopold - and I read and use regualrly two craft books: "How To Crochet" by Pauline Turner and "The Knitter's Bible" by Claire Crompton

Do you have kids? If so do you have any tips for other crafting moms/dads?

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