Saturday, November 8, 2008

Local Shout Out!

Time for another shout out!! Today's local featured artist is theCircledStanza. She makes beautiful jewelry and only joined Etsy a few months ago. So be sure and check out her shop. Read on to learn more about her.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I'm a "recent" college graduate (though May '08 growing less and less recent as we speak!) looking for employment and not finding it, and considering further studies in poetry writing. I worked at a bead store for a year or so while attend ing college in Iowa City, and that's where I learned how to do nifty things with beads.

Besides Etsy, do you sell your items anywhere else?
I'm looking at renting a space at Old Elbow School Shop, but do not currently sell my jewelry anywhere besides online.

What kind of items do you make?
There's a lot of variety in my jewelry. My (mostly) necklaces and earrings can be chunky or delicate, colorful or subdued, fancy or casual. I like combining materials that at first seem dissimilar, but surprise me by creating a cohesive whole. A lot of my pieces aren't simply strung on a single strand, but bloom into multiple strands with clu sters of this or that, or I will link them with wire. The idea is to create something unexpected--in shape, color, etc.

What/Who inspires you?
Well, working at a bead store was definitely inspiring, and I feel that I gained a good, well-rounded aesthetic from my coworkers, the owner, and customers. Sometimes one bead is all it takes to conceive of a plan; other times I treat the beads as paint, mixing and matching to create a "palette."

How long have you been crafting/selling?
I made beaded "daisy chains" when I was young, and hadn't returned to the craft until early 2007, when I started working at the bead store. Since then, I have been making jewelry for myself and for gifts. Recently (this past August) I've branched out and begun to sell.

Have any interesting hobbies?(besides making the items you sell)
My other "hobby" is writing poetry and creative nonfiction. The University of Iowa was known for its literary atmosphere, so I got to meet some esteemed authors and work with many inspired peers. I'm still writing and thinking about applying for an MFA degree--somewhere, somehow.

Have you always lived in this area? If not where are you originally from?
I've lived in Eau Claire since I was 3. For the past four years, I've lived in Iowa City, an amazingly diverse and artistic place which became very much like a second home. Now I'm back in Eau Claire, becoming reacquainted with "the north."

Describe your craft/work area in three words or less.
My craft/work area is: periodically in shambles.

What do you listen to when you are crafting?
I prop my laptop up next to my beads and listen to Pandora while crafting. The down time gives me a chance to explore new musicians.


kittyanydots said...

great feature! i like the way she photographs her jewelry too.

Janet P. said...

Haven't seen this shop before, beautiful jewelry!

CB said...

The green bracelet is a very good pick. :)