Monday, November 9, 2009

Roller Derby is the new craft addiction

I've always thought it would be fun to be a derby girl, but there was never a local team to join. We have a few leagues all over the state (wi) but none are close to where I live. A few months ago a local magazine posted an article about a roller derby league in another town 2 hours way. Saying they were calling us out to start our own. I said when someone else gets it going, I'll join. Well that never happened so I decided to start it. I got in contact with another girl that was interested in starting a league and we have been working together ever since. I set up an e-mail and just started posting it around asking anyone who was interested to e-mail me.

The first big struggle was finding a place to practice. Both the local skating rinks said no. We asked about using space at a huge warehouse and they quoted us at $1800 a month and we'd have to sign a year lease. uuh That was not going to happen. We called every place we could think of that had a flat surface to practice on. I didn't want to give up and then one day someone said yes! We contacted everyone that was interested in joining and told them about our first practice.

The same team that called us out in the magazine the Mississippi Valley Mayhem drove 2 hours to help us at our first practice. So nice of them since most of us had no idea what we were doing. You can see pictures of our first practice here You can see my sweet rainbow socks. I had to wait a couple weeks before I could upgrade my skates to actual derby skates, but I have them now! YaY!

We've had three practices and have 11 girls. We are currently hashing out a logo design and team colors and themes. Still majorly working on recruiting more girls and refs. I've poured a lot into this and really haven't had much time to be crafty. Now that we have a place to practice I can stop stressing about that and get my craft on again!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hello Goodbye Halloween

It has been a few days since Halloween, but I wanted to post about my costume. Took awhile to decide on an actual costume. After a few weeks of going back n forth I went with Gilly from Saturday night live. You can see a video here:

I started with a black dress. I found it at a thrift shop and it was perfect.

Then I added hearts. Which took forever.

Added some black trimming, and a belt and ties. Found a white shirt added some bows. Found a wig and made a hair bow.
I guess I didn't take anymore pics of the process, but here is the finished product.

Had a few people who knew who I was. :)