Monday, April 28, 2008

Featured Artist: Fashiongreentbags

What do you create?
Reusable bags from recycled clothing. I also make other items like watch bands, collar necklaces, ipod cases and whatever I think all from recycled clothing.

What made you start?
I started out of concern for the environment and to find something constructive to do while I'm on a (hopefully) temporary medical disability.
How long have you been crafting/selling/creating?
I've been creating and selling since the end of November, 2007-so not very long.
Do you have any short/long term goals?
Relating to this business, I hope I can earn enough money to pay for my investment.

Describe your craft room/area in three words or less.
Our dining room
Where do you sell your product? (online and offline)
Only on Etsy.
Where can we find you on the net? (myspace, blog, etc.)
Is crafting your full time job?
Crafting is my full time job for right now.
What inspires you?
I get inspired by the articles of clothing I find. Sometimes I think of an item I want to create and I create it as I go. I'm sure that sometimes I find the absolute most difficult means to an end and pursue an even more difficult method.

Any crafts you would like to learn or are currently learning?
I'd like to improve my sewing. Needle felting seems interesting too. I'd like to do so many different things but if I knew too much it would only make my distractability worse.
What is your favorite material(s)?
Are you a self taught crafter or have you taken some classes?
I'm self-taught. As I mentioned earlier, I usuallly just make things up as I go along
What is the best gift you have ever received and why?
There is no gift that compares to finding my husband and having the children that I am priviledged to know.
Apples or oranges?
Fruit salad

What do you listen to when you are crafting?
NPR, some TV shows, other radio stations
Are you a night owl?
Do you have any other hobbies?
Swimming, biking, hiking
How many people live in your home town/current town?
About 30,000. We're a college town so the population varies.
Read anything good lately?
I'm currently reading a book about depression and anxiety that is teaching me a lot.

Do you have kids? If so do you have any tips for other crafting
I have a 20 year old daughter and an almost 18 year old son.
They're both unimaginably wonderful. I'm a very lucky person.

4 comments: said...

Thank you so very much! This is lovely and I'm honored to be featured. Your work on this blog is very nice.

enyaeire said...

Your crafts are really very nice and very orignal. Keep up the good work and all the best.

Karma by Morgan said...

nice feature! I love that they use old clothes - very green of them ;)

Annabelle said...

Love the recycled bags. Great idea!