Friday, April 25, 2008

Blog carnival: Poetry

This weeks etsy bloggers blog carnival is about poetry. I've never really been into poetry. Anytime I write any it is either to be silly or because I had to in school. I remember we had this huge poetry unit in the 8th grade or maybe it was 7th. I can't remember. Anywho, recently I had recovered my poetry books from my mom. We had to write two books full of poems. After reading a few I wonder just how weird of a kid I was...

Poem 1
"When I grow up"
When I grow up, just wait and see
I know you'll be so proud of me.
After school I'll go to college
So then I can get more knowledge.
I will get a fantastic job
So, that way I won't be a slob.
I do not know what I will be
I hope it is the job for me.
My beauty will begin to fade
I'll get old and killed by my maid.

Poem 2
There once was an old man named Bob.
He was a complete and total slob.
He never cleaned a room,
Or picked up a broom.
Forming in his house was a big, green, glob.

Poem 3
There once was an old lady named franey.
Who got up and fell on her fanny.
She fell into a cup,
and tryed to get up,
but to big was old Franey's fanny.

Poem 4
When I'm mad
I wish I was an elephant
So I could stomp on
everyone I was mad at.
I would
Smoosh them like ants
on the sidewalk.
Swinging my trunk at the ones that got away.
Then I would stab them with my tusks.

There is your look into my mind over 13 years ago.. I find them all quite hilarious.


Des said...

OMG! You were a genius! We should start writing about Gimpy :) Maybe we could do kids books!!

BabyLyons said...

lol, I love them all! You're my new fav poet :)


Great stuff, even at that age!

Nora said...

I love your poems! especially the fanny one!

Anonymous said...

OK, I want to know why your maid is going to kill you... And where do you get one of those "maid" things anyway. I could use one, even if she does envision my untimely demise.

storybeader said...

I couldn't stop laughing. That brightened up my day.
Thanks! {;-Deb

Andrea said...

Those are great! I was wondering why your maid was dreaming of your demise myself.

glitterstar said...

haha.. I'm not sure why my maid plans on killing me..

Stormy Designs said...

LOL you were a typical kid. Thanks for participating!

Waterrose said...

Well I'll make sure I don't make you mad...for sure!