Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My jewelry video

I created this fun video after watching the video Chickadeebeads posted on her blog.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Matchbook notepad tutorial

My first tutorial. :)

Matchbook notepad

I like to make my matchbook notepads out of old book pages. Be creative though you can use anything you like.

  • Old book- that you found in the trash that does not interest you or perhaps you have read it a thousand times and can recite it word for word.
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Mod Podge- or other type glue
  • Paint brush
  • Newspaper- to protect your work surface
  • Matchbook- If you don’t have a pack of matches laying around that is fine. You can either cut the paper a size looks good to you or my match book measures 1.5 in/3.8 cm X 4.5 in/11.43 cm
  • Paper- for the inside pages. I’m using some old notebook paper (I forgot to put this in the picture.)
Step One

Cut or rip out one page from your book. Lay your match book down or use the measurements above. (1.5 in/3.8 cm X 4.5 in/11.43 cm)

If you use your own match book remember to include some extra for the little flap at the bottom. I like to use a double layer of paper so the final product is more sturdy. To do this just double the width of the match book. Cut this piece out. (feel free to add more layers depending on the thickness of your paper.)

Step Two

Fold in half the long way.

Make sure the edges line up. If you can’t get them to line up either refold and try again or cut a little off. Now you have two layers. Fold down the top roughly 1.5 in/3.8 cm. This will be your front fold at the top. Fold again roughly .25 in/ 6.35mm this is your back fold at the top. Fold the bottom up roughly .5 in/1.27 cm. If these measurements don’t work for you just eyeball it until it looks good. The top flap and bottom flap should over lap a little.

Step Three

It’s glue time!!! Open your paper back up and apply your glue to the center. I like to use a paint brush. Carefully fold in half again. Lay on one side and apply glue. Flip over and apply glue to the other side. Carefully peel the paper from your newspaper. It should have a slight curl to it.. Lay on its edge to dry. Let it dry for a few minutes. It doesn’t take long. Go get yourself a snack chill out for a bit. Check to make sure your glue is dry. You don’t want to leave it over night because they tend to crack when you fold them if you wait too long. Now fold like you had it before. Your fold maybe have disappeared from the gluing just measure again and fold. Once you make one you can pretty much just eye ball it.

Step Four

Lay your matchbook onto your inside paper and cut a piece slightly smaller than it.
Place inside your matchbook cover. If its too big re-cut it. Cut out as many of these pieces as you want in your final product. My stapler can only handle about 12 pieces of paper.

Step Five

Place all pages inside. Staple in the center.

That’s it! Now decorate anyway you want. I like to use a stamp on mine. You can also paint on it or just leave it as is. Be creative! Make them different size, give them away, Toss one in your purse so you always have a piece of paper handy. Put you business information on them and hand give away as promos.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

More magnets

I just listed another set of magnets. These are flowers as you can see. I love to color and I'm hoping someone else out there loves to color as well.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Halloween magnets

I just listed some halloween magnets on etsy. I've been working on these for a few days now. I designed each picture in illustrator and printed them out. I then attached them to some sticky magnets and cut out the pictures. The idea is to color them yourself or have your child do it. I've already made a few flower designs that I will be listing soon.

Friday, September 7, 2007

My newest hobby

So I was searching through the 365 days flickr group today and I came across a thread of scan yourself pictures. After looking at some I had to try for myself.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Its here!!

My new camera came today! YaY! I'm so excited. I've been playing with it all day. Now I can post all those items that I couldn't before. I didn't have a macro setting. I've been retaking pictures all day. Now I need to switch them all out in my etsy shop. That should be fun, but it needs to be done.

See! They're not blurry.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tomorrows the big day.

That's right. Kaden's off to school tomorrow. We went there today to meet his teacher and everyone else that will be around him during the day. He is nervous and excited all at the same time. He's afraid he won't make friends. I told him to just be a nice boy and he'll have no problem making friends. He's also worried about riding the bus. I told him he'd be fine and that'd I'd wait outside with him the first couple of days. I'm pretty excited for him. Not to mention the fact that he'll be eating breakfast and lunch at school. He leaves at 8:30 and comes home around 4:00. I don't know what I'm going to do with my day. Its a good thing I have Lia to entertain me throughout the day.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The perfect photo... missed.

This past Friday I was sitting outside with the fam. My husband was grilling and the kids were just hanging out. When we see an hot air balloon off in the distance. It starts coming closer and closer until its right over head. Now I've seen this same balloon several times, but never right over my house. Here is where the perfect picture comes in. Just as the balloon is overhead a bald eagle flies by. Now what are the odds? Complete blue skies, hot air balloon, and a bald eagle. That's the first thing that came to mind as I watched this bird fly across the sky. "Wow! That would have been an awesome photo." The second thing was, "Man, I hope that thing doesn't poop in my eye."