Monday, March 31, 2008

Featured Artist: Black Kitten Accessories

Today's featured artist is Black Kitten Accessories.
Read a little more about her. Then click on her links and show her some love.

What do you create?

Polymer clay jewelry, and random funky jewelry as well. I'm hoping to
get a line of handsewn plushies going soon.

What made you start?
Well, I've always loved making jewelry, ever since I was little. My
mom always used to buy me beads and string, and I would make necklaces
and rings for my family and friends. Then as I got older, it
progressed over the years, and one day I found Etsy. I was totally in
awe. I had no idea there was such a good environment for selling your
creations. I was really excited to open my own shop and see what
people thought of my items.

How long have you been crafting/selling/creating?
I've been crafting for many years, but I've only been selling for the
past year. I hope that I can continue this for many years to come.

Do you have any short/long term goals?

My short term goal, is to sell 100 items in 2008. My long term goal,
would to be continuing to do what I love. Creating pieces I can be
proud of, and selling them to people who will love them.

Describe your craft room/area in three words or less.


Do you sell your product? If so, where do you sell? (online and offline)

Where can we find you on the net? (myspace, blog, etc.)

Is crafting your full time job?
No, it's just part time for me. I'd love to do it full time, maybe
someday. I have a severe love for animals, and I need to be surrounded
by them daily.

What inspires you?
Everything! Monsters, animals, mythology, and things that I see every day.

Any crafts you would like to learn or are currently learning?
I've only been working with polymer clay for about a month now, but I
absolutely love it! I can't stop creating! I also really want to start
handsewing little plushies. I'm really excited about it, and I'm
hoping to start by the end of this month.

What is your favorite material(s)?

Polymer clay!

Are you a self taught crafter or have you taken some classes?
I'm self-taught. I like trying new things, and if I try them and they
don't work out too well, I'd definitely be open to taking some

What is the best gift you have ever received and why?
My puppy. I had been wanting a dog for the longest time, but couldn't
have one because of where I lived. I'm absolutely in love with
animals, and every time I see one, my heart clenches up and I just
want to love them! My birthday rolled around this year, and my husband
surprised me with a puppy. I was so insanely happy, it's hard to
describe. I have such a bond with him now, and he's definitely a
momma's boy. I love him to death and I'm so happy to have him. He
brightens up my day!

Apples or oranges?
I'm going to have to go with oranges. They take more work, because you
have to peel them, but they are way worth it in the end. So good and

What do you listen to when you are crafting?
It all depends on my mood. I usually listen to Evanescence when I
craft. It just really depends though, there are so many good songs in
my iTunes.

Are you a night owl?
I used to be, in every sense of the word. I would be up til 4 or 5am
and sleep til 12pm. I didn't like wasting my day away though, so now I
go to bed by 11pm and get up by 8am at the latest.

Do you have any other hobbies?

I like making photo albums! I'm new to scrapbooking, but it's alot of
fun and I like being creative with it. I also like drawing. I don't do
it as often as I'd like, but I'm trying to do it more now. I also
really love writing poetry.

How many people live in your home town/current town?
I have no idea. I don't really HAVE a hometown. I've moved around so much.

Read anything good lately?
Oh man! I read so many books it's INSANE! I am seriously in the middle
of three books right now. Yeah, seriously. I buy a new book, and then
I get so excited I start reading it before I finish the last one I was
reading. I'm horrible about that! I'm in the middle of reading the
Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton, and I love it. I'm also
reading the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer, and the newest book
out by Patricia Briggs called "Iron Kissed".

Do you have kids? If so do you have any tips for other crafting moms/dads?

I don't currently have any kids, but I would love to! I absolutely
love them and I'm hoping to have my first child within the next 2-3

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