Thursday, April 17, 2008

Business conference

Today I attended a women's business conference. I had to ditch out early though, because I'm a mom and had no one to watch my daughter once my husband left for work. I attended two classes. The first was a class on record keeping. I'm not sure I actually learned anything I didn't already know. She basically said "keep everything and track it" This I know.. I just don't know how. She said use quickbooks and peachtree.. She also went over some tax forms which was helpful and different things you can claim on your taxes.

The second class was on marketing. It wasn't very helpful for an online business, but I did get some ideas from it. They had a bunch of vendors and information booths. I handed my business card to everyone of them. YaY! I gathered up a bunch of information as well.
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They had a speaker that talked about motivation and things of that sort. That was interesting. Then we had a break for lunch. They had box lunches. We ate at 12:30 and I hadn't eaten a bite all day. Not even breakfast. So that was awesome! I had to leave then so my husband could leave for work.

I missed out on the web tools class. Which would probably have been nice to attend. I will be going again next year. It was a great networking opportunity. I'll also be better prepared next year.

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