Thursday, May 21, 2009

A little more green

I was recently visiting a friend who uses cloth napkins. I try and do my part to be more 'green' but for some reason I never really thought about using reusable napkins.
We always just ripped the napkin or paper towel in half to make them go a little farther. After using the cloth ones for the weekend, I realized how much paper and money we were wasting. So I made my own! Right now I only have some green and pink ones done. The kids love them! At dinner time it is my daughter's job to count out enough napkins for everyone. I didn't make them fancy or anything. Just used some cheap fabric and serged up the sides. I have more colors to make, but my serger went wonky on me.

1 comment:

brookiellen said...

simple and great idea- i totally need to do this for my next diy project!:)