Tuesday, May 26, 2009


A couple of weeks ago my son was feeding our fish. We had just gotten them about 2 weeks before that. He got all excited because he said he had just seen a teeny tiny baby fish. My husband and I tried to look for it, but we never saw anything. We told him it was probably just a flake of something and wasn't actually a fish.

Jump ahead to three days ago and I'm feeding the fish and what do I see swimming around in the sunk'n ship!?!? A baby fishie!! Of course I hop online to see what I can find out about our fish. Apparently they give birth to live fish. (kinda cool) and if you have a female fish she is most likely pregnant because they can store sperm in their uterus. Which may have been nice to know when we got them. The fact that we would most likely end up with babies.

I've only seen two, I'm guessing that if there were any more they probably got eaten. These two seem to be doing well. They spend most of their time hiding though.

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Vanessa said...

Omgosh that's so cute! I love fishies - hopeully these don't get eated!