Thursday, April 10, 2008

April = Birthdays!

Is it april already? YES! It is and that means BIRTHDAYS! I wake up yesterday (April 9th my birthday) thinking I would just be getting something from my hubby and kids, but I was pleasantly surprised. I got a few phone calls for birthday wishes. My friend Nika called to wish me a happy birthday and while on the phone my door bell rings. She had some beautiful flowers for me!

After that I went to check the mail. I wasn't really expecting anything, I was checking it because I happened to be out there. To my surprise I had two birthday cards waiting. One was from my friend Desiree. She just had a bridal shower this weekend so I assumed it was a thank you card. My first thought was, "Good lord des! You are quick" but no.. It was a bday card! MUCH better..

I also got a card from my friend Kevin and Nika. The same friends who gave me the flowers.

I just have to share the inside.. with the four legged chicken.. hehe..

After my son got home from school, the kids and hubby gave me a card.

The inside has a picture of my hubby and I frolicking on a hill.

They also gave me a gift card for Hancock fabrics. I have to confess though, I knew exactly what I was getting because I made the mistake of checking the bank account the day they bought it. I hadn't gone there in a few days so I knew it was my hubby.. Oops.. I didn't tell them though..

Since my birthday was on a wednesday we're doing some more celebrating this weekend. We're going bowling with some friends. We go bowling about once every two years. I believe the last time we went was for my birthday. I also went out for a bit last weekend with my friend Des and my sister. I've had a pretty fun birthday week so far.

My son turns 6 at the end of the month and my daughter turns two a week after that. Time to start planning some parties!


Des said...

Wait!! I DID mail the thank yous the same day....


Serendipity Collections said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a special day! LOVED looking at your cards and the flowers are beautiful! Oh, you lucky dog, you - I LOVE Hancock Fabrics!!!


Doodlesprouts said...

Happy late birthday! Love the cards, those are great!!! The flowers are beautiful. So glad you had a great day!