Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tracking views

I like to keep track of my views. Until recently I did this by simply trying to remember what my views were for the previous day. Then I had this idea to create a spreadsheet to keep track of them. I have each item listed and the views. Everyday I enter in the new amount of views. Some days they go up some days they don't. I usually try and jot down if I was in a treasury or if I posted some form of advertising. That way I can kinda see where my views come from. I can track how many views I get from re listing an item. It isn't very technical but I mainly do it out of curiosity.

It is also fun to create charts from the spreadsheet.


Space Oddities said...

holy cow, you are too organized!! I can't even keep track of inventory. nice work!

glitterstar said...

haha.. not really