Thursday, August 23, 2007

Like mother like son...

Ever take your kids to the fabric store? It's quite the adventure. I wanted to pick some fabric up today so I packed up the kids and headed out. I probably should have forgotten about it when I realized it was raining for the 6th day in a row. Anywho we get to the fabric store, put L in the cart while K insists on pushing her. Now these are the tiniest carts I have ever see so I'm nervous he's going to tip her over. I told him to be careful and go slow. As I'm standing there looking for the right fabric I see Lia being pushed past me. They're both giggling and waving. Then K spots some superman fabric and asks if we can get it. I told him we could get some and make pillows.
We headed out and ran over to the dreaded wal-mart. Had to pick some things up there. Of course by the time we were done its down pouring and I'm parked 3 miles away from the door. Weeee.... We decided to get some fazolli's for supper. I had one last stop before heading home. I had to pick up a copy of volumeone. I was interviewed a few weeks ago for an article about local etsy artists and it came out today. I can't say anything bad about free advertising. Now its raining pretty hard but I really wanted to get a copy. I drove to the one place I knew would have some. The grocery store. I ran through the rain to get a copy or two. This trip that was suppose to take an hour (fit it in before L's nap) turned into 3.5 hours. L didn't get a nap today and went to bed early. Got home and ate our Fazolli's. K wanted to make his pillows.




He made two of them. He plans on keeping one (which he's sleeping with right now) and giving the other one to his older brother. (whom he sees on the weekends) He even wrapped it up in newspaper all by himself and had me make a bow to tape on. I think he did pretty good for being his first sewing project and being 5. :)


Fuzzy Izmit said...

It is always good to see kids crafting...gets their imagination going!

Brandi said...

He did a fabulous job! Way to start them young!! :)

Topknots said...

You inspired me to start showing my 5 year old daughter how to sew now...
I wasn't sure if she was old enough yet, but we are going to give it a shot.
The pillowcases look great.

BroKe said...

LOVE IT!!! My 7 year old sews with me a couple of times a week!! It is so good for them to be proud of something that they created!!!!

Topknots- I started my son when he was about 4, and I am teaching my neighbor Julia how to sew, and she is 3!! At 5, I would say she is ready to start!!!!